One Third of Global Mobile Subscriptions are on LTE, to Overtake GSM Next Year

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Q32017 LTE Subscriptions

LTE subscriptions now make one-third of global mobile subscriptions.  A recent GSA report puts the total subscriptions to 2.54 billion, 32.4% of all mobile subscriptions globally. It took 3 years to reach the half-billion mark for LTE subscriptions but in last 3 years, LTE has shown tremendous growth with ~2B subscription additions.  

With over 828 LTE investors (mobile and FWA services) as per GSA database, LTE growth rate is still very strong with 49.2% rise over the twelve-month period by September 2017. LTE has already overtaken WCDMA/HSPA and expected to exceed 3 billion next year and overtake GSM to become top mobile technology globally.

Region wise, LTE in Asia has 61% market share with 57% growth rate year-on-year whereas North America and Europe each have 13% share. Subscription wise Africa and Latin America/ Caribbean are catching up their LTE subscriptions grew 75% and 80% respectively year-on-year.

Based on latest GSA data, so far 647 operators have launched LTE services including 101 TDD based service providers. 116 operators are investing in pre-standards 5G networks

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