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Reliance Jio seeks Wi-Fi deals with state, local authorities

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Indian Telecom Company Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited (RJIL) plans to enter into agreements with various state and local authorities to offer Wi-Fi services. RJIL has to launch services within five years of acquiring spectrum, as per the government rules. It also aims to provide seamless 4G services in the 800 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2300 MHz bands through an integrated system.

It has already launched trial Wi-Fi hot spots across India. It has exhibited trial 4G services at various Techfest, College events and Trade shows, and has offered high-speed Wi-Fi broadband services to various participants. "Participants were able to experience benefit of high speed wireless connectivity for hand held devices (smart phones and tablets) over a blend of LTE and Wi-Fi networks," the company statement read.

RJIL plans to harness the full potential of the internet to create a digital revolution through lightning speed connectivity, rich content and innovative services that will radically transform the way Indians work, live and play.

RJIL also disclosed its plans to launch a pan-India network to provide 4G high-speed internet connectivity, communication services and various digital services in key domains such as health care, security, education, financial services, government-citizen interfaces and entertainment. Meanwhile, a Mobile Switching Centre Code,  Mobile Country Code and Mobile Network Code have also been allotted to the enterprise for mobile access services.

RJIL recently unveiled its Wireless Broadband Access-based Wi-Fi services In Kolkata. The service is available for public from 6 PM and initially would be offered free, subject to fair usage. 

As reported by North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) has roped in RJIL to roll out Wi-Fi network in central Delhi by June this year. RJIL will use street light pillar to install Wi-Fi equipment which will give high speed to users. 

RJIL is also providing free 4G-backed Wi-fi service for the spectators at the Wankhede Stadium during the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2015 matches. 

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