Sprint to Offer 3G Femtocell

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Sprint seems to be working on a 3G-enabled femtocell, a cellular device that helps you get a better voice and data signal in your home or office. Sprint is getting ready to sell a new, faster version of its Airave device, according to documents filed with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission. 

Sprint is switching to a new hardware vendor, adding a radio for the 3G service and including a port for landline VoIP service, according to the documents at the FCC that were originally uncovered by Engadget.

Sprint’s move comes two weeks after AT&T presented its $150 3G femtocell, MicroCell, and just as a new study indicates the femtocells could proliferate in the next few years. 

Femtocells are cellular radios, about the size of a Wi-Fi router, that can be installed in homes and offices and connected to fixed-line broadband connections for access to wired networks. They can improve subscribers' indoor coverage while saving the mobile operator money on cell towers, wired backhaul links and other expensive network infrastructure. Carriers offer them with a variety of prices and service plans.


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