Telecom Standard Bodies Prep for IMT-2020

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Last week, ITU-R Workshop on IMT-2020 terrestrial radio interfaces was held in Munich, Germany with main objective to outline the process of submission/reception of the Radio Interface Technology (RIT)/set of RIT (SRIT) proposals and acknowledgment of receipt. During the workshop, 3GPP, DECT Forum, Korea IMT-2020 and China IMT-2020 also provided initial details of their technology submissions. 

3GPP aims to complete initial 5G specifications with Release 15 by mid-2018 whereas Release 16 is targeted by end of 2019. Release 15 will enable the first phase of expected deployments in 2020.

According to 3GPP, TIM, 3GPP ITU-R Ad Hoc group coordinator, Giovanni Romano 250 delegates attended the Workshop, including representatives of more than 40 National Administrations.

Presentations by potential IMT-2020 RIT/SRIT proponents can be found below

  • 3GPP 5G Presenter: Mr. Giovanni Romano (Telecom Italia, 3GPP)    
  • ETSI DECT Presenter: Mr. Daniel Hartnett (DECT Forum)    
  • Korea IMT-2020 Presenter: Mr. Juseop Sim (Korea)    
  • China IMT-2020: Presenter: Mr. Yi Wan (China)

WP 5D has already completed several key draft new Reports related to the IMT-2020 terrestrial radio interfaces. Working Party 5D (WP 5D) - IMT Systems, is responsible for the overall radio system aspects of International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) systems, comprising the IMT-2000, IMT-Advanced and IMT for 2020 and beyond.

Key draft Reports currently available are

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