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Verizon's LTE rollout soon

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Verizon’s 4G-capable SIM card has been spotted recently in wild. Also Engadget reported to have received  internal documents on Verizon's 4G plans with known facts like  speed, aircards before smartphones and plans to roll out in 30 cities in 2010.

The documents published by Engadget shows comparison of Verizon LTE with Sprint's WiMAX network, AT&T and T-Mobile's 3G network . Verizon expects 5-12 Mbps average downlink speed and 2-5 Mbps average uplink speed.

For Global voice roaming Verizon says that GSM & LTE roaming will not be available at the time of launch however it would be supported eventually.

Verizon Wireless was rumored earlier to begin rolling out its LTE network starting on November 15th this year however based on recent leaks in media it may be headed for a sooner launch.

Verizon Wireless is expected to commercially launch its LTE 4G network in 25 to 30 markets in 2010, covering 100 million people. 

Verizon's VP of Open Development have said earlier that the company will likely add LTE coverage in some places that don't have 3G today in 2013. The company will continue doing that in 2014, which is when the carrier is expected to complete the nationwide deployment.


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