Vodafone UK To Launch LTE Network on August 29

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Vodafone UK is launching its 4G LTE network on 29 August. Operator has also announced that its 4G-ready plans will be available from 12 August. At the launch, Operators LTE network will be available in London. 

Airtel to Roll out LTE Network in Delhi by September

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Indian operator Bharti Airtel is likely to launch LTE services in Delhi by September, reports PTI. Operator is already offering LTE services in some other Indian Markets including Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune and Chandigarh.

Ofcom Completes 800MHz Clearance Ahead of Schedule

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UK regulator has announced that a four-year process to release 800MHz spectrum for 4G mobile broadband has been completed. This spectrum was previously used for broadcasting digital TV channels and by wireless audio devices.

Kajeet Launches National, Filtered 4G LTE Service

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Bethesda, MD Tuesday July 30, 2013: Kajeet®, the only wireless service provider in America dedicated to kids and education, is pleased to announce the availability of nationwide, Filtered 4G LTE™ service.

Sprint Switches on LTE Network in 41 More Locations

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Sprint 4G LTE

Sprint's LTE service is now available in 151 markets including 41 new markets announced today. The new locations include Philadelphia; the Bronx and Brooklyn, N.Y.; Grand Rapids, Mich.; Jacksonville, Fla.; Nashville, Tenn.; Oakland, Calif.; and Portland, Ore. 

ZTE MF253 LTE Wireless Router to Power Ubiquitous 4G Data Access

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29 July 2013, Shenzhen – ZTE today announced the launch of MF253, the company’s new LTE wireless router that enables 4G mobile data access for homes, retail stores and offices.

Vodafone New Zealand Launches LTE in Wellington

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Vodafone 4G

Vodafone New Zealand has launched 4G LTE services in parts of Wellington. Operator's LTE network is available already in parts of Auckland, Christchurch, Lake Brunner, Queenstown, Wanaka and Taupo.

Sprint to Offer Tri-band 4G LTE Devices

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Sprint 4G LTE

U.S. Carrier Sprint has announced first tri-band devices that will operate on Sprint’s 4G LTE network at 800MHz, 1.9GHz and 2.5GHz. Beginning July 19, Operator will introduce NETGEAR Zing Mobile Hotspot, the NETGEAR 341U USB Modem and Intelligent mobile hotspot MiFi® 500 LTE by Novatel Wireless.

T-Mobile: 4G LTE Now Covering Over 157 Million People

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CTO Neville Ray announces that T-Mobile's 4G LTEi network now reaches 157 million people across the United States - far exceeding the company's stated mid-year goal of reaching 100 million people. The advanced 4G network is live in 116 metropolitan areas.

Optus Expands LTE Coverage, Announces Additional Markets

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Australian operator Optus has launched LTE network in Wollongong. Optus has switched on LTE at five mobile sites in central Wollongong, kicking off a series of extensive network upgrades and expansions in the greater Illawarra area in the coming six months, which will also include upgrades to the Optus 3G network.

AT&T Announces New LTE Markets

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AT&T has announced additional LTE markets earlier this week, operator's LTE network now covers 326 U.S. markets. According to AT&T more than 200 million people are covered by its 4G LTE network.

Bouygues Telecom partners with Astellia for 4G service launch

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Rennes, France, July 4th 2013 - Astellia, a leading provider of mobile network and customer experience monitoring solutions, announced its collaboration with Bouygues Telecom during its LTE network trial phase to help them guarantee the best quality of service.

BICS enables first intercontinental 4G/LTE Data Roaming relation

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Brussels – Belgium, 27th June 2013: BICS, a global provider of wholesale carrier services, today announced its IPX platform enabled Swisscom and South Korean operators to perform the first intercontinental 4G roaming connection over IPX, between Europe and Asia, confirming its role as a leading provider of LTE roaming solutions. 

Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Reaches 500th Market

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Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Reaches 500th Market

Verizon Wireless' 4G LTE network now covers 500 markets in 49 states and operator officially launches next month in Alaska. Parkersburg, W.Va., became the 500th market in the United States with LTE service from Verizon Wireless.

Ulticom Tackles 4G/LTE Roaming at LTE World Summit

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Mount Laurel, NJ, June 18, 2013: Ulticom, the industry leader in signaling solutions, announces sponsorship of the Pre-Conference Signaling Focus Day on June 24, part of the LTE World Summit June 25-26, 2013.