WiMAX, 3G, HSPA+ Data Test Results are out

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As Sprint launches America's first 4G phone today (see my prvious blog What to expect from Sprint HTC Evo 4G?

BWA Auction Update Day9: Pan-India Bid Crosses $1.9B

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As India’s BWA/WiMAX spectrum auction is almost 90% complete, the Pan-India bidding price has reportedly crossed Rs 89.8 billion (US$1.9 billion) on the 9th day of the auction. 

Massive MIMO, a future option beyond 4G LTE

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Yesterday I read an interesting article on Massive MIMO. The next generation network beyond 4G could be built with big arrays of tiny antennas, according to Bell Labs scientist Tom Marzetta.

Verizon Wireless Seeks Rural Partners for LTE

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Verizon Wireless has anounced its plans to work with rural companies to collaboratively build and operate a 4G network in rural areas.

SATIMO Offers MIMO Testing Solutions for 4G

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SATIMO, a provider of measurement solutions in electromagnetic field measurements in the microwave frequency range, recently announced StarMIMO, a line of measurement syst

Clearwire extends 4G network in Kansas, Baltimore, DC‎

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Clearwire announced extended 4G/WiMAX reach throughout the Baltimore area and launch of CLEAR(R) service in central Washington, D.C. and Kansas City, Kansas.

4G: Innovative Multicores Closing the Performance/Financial Gap

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Date: Wednesday, June 09, 2010 
12:00 p.m. New York / 5:00 p.m. London 
Sponsors: LSI, ENEA 

MIPS Technologies and SySDSoft Announce LTE Protocol Stack on Android

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MIPS Technologies and SySDSoft have announced the LTE protocol stack ported to the Android(TM) platform.

What to expect from Sprint HTC Evo 4G?

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Only few days to go, HTC EVOTM 4G is set to debut on June 4, packed with features including video chat, simultaneous voice and data and HD video capture.

India to get 4G services by next year

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With 3G spectrum auction over, steps are on to introduce 4G services next year according to Mr Chandra Prakash, Member, Technology, Telecom Commission, India.

Video Tour: HTC EVO 4G

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The HTC Evo 4G is the first WiMAX phone on the U.S. market. It's a large tablet phone running HTC's Sense interface on top of Android 2.1.

TriQuint Announces New Filter Technology for 4G Mobile Hotspots and Smartphones

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TriQuint Semiconductor has released a family of new highly-selective WiFi / WiMAX RF bulk acoustic wave (BAW) 4G filters.

Sprint HTC EVO 4G Video Review

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MobileTechReview — A video review of the HTC EVO 4G Android smartphone on Sprint.

CTIA 3G & 4G Pre-compliance test

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Rohde & Schwarz — TS8980 Pre-compliance for LTEi, HSPA+ and WCDMA

ZTE & Potevio colaborate for TD-SCDMA

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ZTE Corp & China Potevio Co Ltd have agreed to partner on products and services for China's homegrown TD-SCDMA 3G standard and TD-LTE 4G standards,  according to an cn-c114 article.