Ubiquisys CEO Chris Gilbert on why "Clever Is The New Small"

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Some people are starting to use the term "femtocell" interchangeably with "small cells".

2011 Predictions

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Before we offer predictions for the coming year, it is worthwhile to take a look at how our forecasts for the current year have worked out.  

Picochip announces dual LTE/HSPA+ base station solution

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Picochip has announced support for Iub network architectures to its recently-launched picoXcell PC333 HSPA+ device, and plans for an optimized dual-mode LTE/HSPA+ bases

Picochip and Wavesat achieve key LTE IOT milestones for femtocells, picocells and user equipment

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Picochip and Wavesat have completed interoperability testing (IOT) between Picochip’s PC960x LTE small cell basestation solution and Wavesat’s Odyssey 9000 family of UE

Argela selects Picochip for femtocell push

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Telecom solutions provider Argela has selected Picochip as the core technology supplier for its femtocell developments.

Femtocell Services

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Femtocell services - we all know femtocells are great for coverage but they also offer a host of other services.

NEC Eyes Femtocell Market in India

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Earlier this week NEC announced the launch of 3G Femtocell solution in India to enable operators to offer high-quality, high-speed 3G mobile services to its enterprise

Ubiquisys and Nokia Siemens Networks Offer 3G Femtocell Solution

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Ubiquisys has announced a new standards-compliant 3G femtocell solution with Nokia Siemens Networks.

Nomor Research and Node-H to Collaborate on HSPA/LTE Dual-Mode Femtocells

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Munich, Germany, November 05, 2010 - Nomor Research GmbH and Node-H GmbH announced today that they have signed a framework agreement to develop a dual-mode Protocol Stack Solution for LTE/HSPA femt

Local IP Access and IP Traffic Offload for Femtocells

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3GPP has enhanced Local IP Access and IP Traffic Offload for femtocells in Release 10.

Broadcom to Acquire Femtocell Company Percello

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Broadcom Corporation has announced acquisition of Percello Ltd, a semiconductor company that offers digital baseband processors for WCDMA and LTE Femtocells.  

4G World Shows LTE, Femtocell Readiness

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Since 4G World 2010 opened yesterday, companies are

Alcatel-Lucent leads in Femto/small cells, securing twelve new contracts in three months

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Paris and Chicago (4G World), October 19, 2010 – Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext Paris and NYSE: ALU) today announced that the company has secured its 12th Femto contract in only three months -- another p