Long Term Evolution (LTE) Basics

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An excellent webinar presented by Rohde & Schwarz on the basics of Long Term Evolution (LTE) a year ago.

Part 01 - LTE Introduction

LTE eNB & Evaluation Methodology

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A comprehensive online LTE tutorial from Artiza Networks. It includes LTE overview, LTE eNB details & LTE eNB Evaluation Methodology. Contents include followings 

Guidelines for MIMO Test Setups

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Rohde & Schwarz - Multiple antenna systems, known as MIMO systems, form an essential part of today’s wireless communications standards.

Massive MIMO, a future option beyond 4G LTE

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Yesterday I read an interesting article on Massive MIMO. The next generation network beyond 4G could be built with big arrays of tiny antennas, according to Bell Labs scientist Tom Marzetta.

SATIMO Offers MIMO Testing Solutions for 4G

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SATIMO, a provider of measurement solutions in electromagnetic field measurements in the microwave frequency range, recently announced StarMIMO, a line of measurement syst

Azimuth Systems Launches Global Beamforming Seminar Series

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Azimuth Systems today announced that the company will be presenting a series of beamforming seminars to select companies in Asia, North America and Europe.

3G Americas Publishes a Report on MIMO and Smart Antennas for LTE

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3G Americas today announced publication of an educational white paper titled, MIMO and Smart Antennas for 3G and 4G Wireless Systems: Practical Aspects and Deployment Considerations.

MIMO and Smart Antennas for 3G and 4G Wireless Systems: Practical Aspects and Deployment Considerations

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3G Americas- This Report is a complete tutorial reference document that outlines the considerable importance of various smart antenna schemes for improving the capacity an

Mentum Planet to support Ubidyne’s Antenna Embedded Radio technology

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Mentum and Ubidyne has announced that the companies have entered into a partnership to further extend the capability of Mentum Planet tools to support advanced Antenna Embedded Radioâ„¢ technology.

Huawei and vividwireless Launch MIMO BeamForming WiMAX Network

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Huawei and vividwireless  today announced the launch of Australia' s first commercial WiMAX network in Perth – the most powerful wireless broadband network in the country.

ZTE Selects Azimuth Systems’ ACE MX MIMO Channel Emulator for WiMAX Testing

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April 27, 2010 - Azimuth Systems Inc today announced that ZTE Corporation, a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, has chosen the ACEâ„¢ MX Universal MIMO cha

Azimuth Systems' ACE MX MIMO Channel Emulator Honored With "Best in Test" Award

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April 5, 2010 -  Azimuth Systems, Inc, a leading provider of wireless channel emulators and broadband wireless test equipment, today announced that the Azimuth ACEâ„¢ MX MIMO Channel Emulator ha

LTE eNB MIMO Receiver Baseband Testing using N5106A PXB

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Demonstration of SystemVue generated ARB waveforms being used in PXB baseband generator and channel emulator and output to Xilinx Vertex6 development board over new VITA57 digital interface.


ZTE Partners with CMCC for TD-LTE Indoor MIMO Networking Performance Test

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March 30, 2010 - ZTE Corporation today announced that, together with CMCC (China Mobile Communications Corporation), it has successfully completed a TD-LTE indoor MIMO networking performance test i

3G Americas - MIMO Transmission Schemes for LTE and HSPA Networks


Explores the current and emerging MIMO or smart-antenna techniques that significantly increase network performance.