Taiwan's Global Mobile to replace Wimax with LTE

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Taiwan's WiMAX operator Global Mobile is planning to switch over to LTE technology from WiMAX.

Taiwan Weighs in on WiMAX, but its Eye is on LTE

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Despite the limited size of its market, Taiwan remains a key player in the telecommunications industry.

Ericsson & Chunghwa Telecom declare Taiwan's LTE field trial result

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Ericsson and Chunghwa Telecom Laboratories have announced Taiwan's first LTE field trial results.

Taiwanese regulator NCC allows upgrade to LTE from WiMAX

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Taiwanese regulator National Communications Commission (NCC) has given postive signals to allow WiMAX opertaors to upgrade LTE using allocated spectrum.

Report On Taiwanese WiMAX Industry

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This report presents Taiwanese WiMAX CPE shipment volume and value forecast and recent quarter review of shipment volume, value, ASP, shipment ranking, and product mix.

700MHz band for LTE in Taiwan

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April 26, 2010 - According to DIGITIMES Taiwan may assign 700MHz band for LTE operation.

Vee Telecom aims to attract 100,000 WiMAX subscribers in one year

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April 16, 2010 - Taiwan-based WiMAX operator Vee Telecom Multimedia aims to solicit 100,000 subscribers within one year after commencing its commercial WiMAX services on April 15.

LTE could take seven years in Taiwan, says regulator

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April 15, 2010 - Taiwan is a major WiMAX hotbed, because its manufacturing community has taken the lead in making the technology affordable, and it aims to have a similar role in LTE.

Nokia Siemens Networks and National Chiao Tung University to collaborate on live TD-LTE calls

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April 9, 2010 - In a bid to bring high-speed mobile broadband experience to Taiwan, National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) and Nokia Siemens Networks are conducting the first trials in the region of