Sprint, Clearwire, Bring WiMAX to Orlando

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Sprint & Clearwire have officially announced the launch of 4G WiMAX services in Orlando today. Orlando is the third city in Florida to receive 4G service.

"We are continuing to deliver on our commitment to serve our customers by rolling out 4G in more cities in 2010. Customers in Florida are hungry for the power and speed that 4G provides and today they have it," Matt Carter, president of Sprint 4G.

In another news, PC World reports that Sprint has lit up at least part of its 4G WiMAX network in San Francisco. Sprint & Clearwire have been testing the San Francisco network for the past few months, but today marks the first appearance of signal strong enough to connect my HTC EVO 4G phone, says PC World's Mark Sullivan.

PC World also ran some tests and observed  3 mbps of download speed, and about 1 mbps of upload speed as well.

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Thanks for writing about Clear's Orlando launch! To check if you are in the coverage area, visit www.clear.com/imap. Continuing expansion news can be found at Facebook.com/CLEAR4G.

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