Huawei Launches LTE TDD Trial Network for China Mobile

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Huawei has rolled out 110 outdoor and indoor sites for China Mobile's LTE TDD trial network.

Aircel and Huawei Conduct GSM/UMTS/LTE-TDD Trial in India

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Indian telecom operator Aircel and Huawei have recently conducted GSM/UMTS/LTE-TDD trial on Aircel's existing GSM/UMTS network in India.

Telenor launches LTE site inside Arctic Circle

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Telenor Norway, has launched LTE site in Svalbard, an archipelago located at 78°13'N inside the Arctic Circle.

Global CDMA Forum in China: Kevin Wu, Huawei Global CDMA Products

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Kevin Wu of Huawei global CDMA products tells RCR about CDMA's future in the development of LTEi, Huawei's 450 Mhz product line, expansion in Russia and the Middle East, operator challenges, and the sm

Huawei & Aero2 Honored At Global Telecoms Business Innovation Awards 2011

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Huawei was honored for its collaboration with Aero2 in its advancement of LTEi commercial networks in the 'Wireless network infrastructure innovation' category at this year's awards.

Huawei & ZTE sue each other over LTE patents

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First Huawei filed lawsuits in Germany, France, and Hungary against ZTE for patent and trade mark infringement on the basis that ZTE is infringing a series of Huawei’s

Huawei sues ZTE over patents in Europe

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Huawei has filed lawsuits in Germany, France, and Hungary against ZTE for patent and trade mark infringement.

Etisalat & Huawei Sign LTE Network Agreement

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Etisalat and Huawei have announced the signing of a commercial LTE contract to commence deployment of the LTE network in the UAE. Mr.

Vividwireless achieves 128Mbps in TD-LTE trial

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Australia’s wireless broadband provider, vividwireless, has announced the results of TD-LTE Trial with Huawei .

Optimus and Huawei Achieve 150 Mbps over LTE 2.6 GHz

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Huawei has announced a successful trial of LTE with Optimus. The trial achieved downlink speeds of 150 Mbps per user, and uplink speed of 60 Mbps. 

Huawei Completes Circuit Switched Fallback Voice Call

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Huawei has successfully completed a circuit switched (CS) fallback voice call with a third-party handset provider.

TeliaSonera selects Huawei and Ericsson to build mobile network in Norway

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TeliaSonera has announced plans to roll out a new, modern radio network in Norway to offer increased coverage and speed.

Huawei Launches Triple-Mode 2G, 3G, LTE Modem

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Huawei has commercially launched its E398 modem, the triple-mode LTE modem that supports LTE, 3G, and 2G network access.

ABI Research: Nokia Siemens Networks Top LTE Base Station Vendor

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Nokia Siemens Networks is the top ranked Vendor in a LTE Base Station Matrix released by ABI Research.