4M Wireless

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4M Wireless designs and develops leading edge products to enable fourth generation mobile wireless based on the latest 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE) standards.


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picoChip’s PC960x product received the Best Enabling Product/Technology Award at the Informa LTE Awards during LTE World Summit in Amsterdam this year.


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Anritsu has been participating actively in the 3GPP standardization of these new technologies at the same time as working closely with the major infra-structure, chipset and terminal developers.


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LTE comes hand in hand with SAE (System Architecture Evolution), an evolution of the Core Network towards a flat, packet only, all-IP based architecture.


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Huawei's goals are to to meet all, long-term performance requirements for mobile broadband while helping operators reduce costs on multiple levels.


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Qasara ( is focusing on the development of 3GPP LTE wireless technology for mobile devices.


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Powelful Wrap-Around Tester


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Ericsson has introduced the industry’s most advanced Evolved Packet Core portfolio.

Nokia Siemens Networks

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The way forward for mobile connectivity is Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology.


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Redefine the wireless experience with Alcatel-Lucent's Ultimate Wireless Broadband End-to-end LTE Solution.


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Fujitsu LTE solutions will take you to the world of mobile broadband.


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As a member of the 3GPP, Aricent is committed to investing in developing and supporting solutions for Long Term Evolution (LTE).

Continuous Computing - Trillium

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Trillium wireless software from Continuous Computing is synonymous with high quality and superior performance.


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LTE introduces a new, more flattened IP-based packet-only core network and utilizes advanced antenna techniques like MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) and beamforming to achieve excellent perfo


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Leveraging our latest OFDM platforms, the Motorola LTE portfolio will offer a smooth migration for both 3GPP and 3GPP2 operators.