1O1O and one2free Expand FD-LTE Spectrum in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong’s mobile service provider CSL's 1O1O and one2free brands have expanded their 1800MHz spectrum from 2x 10Mhz to 2 x 15MHz (i.e. 50% bandwidth expansion) in majority of the network. 

With 2 x 20 MHz spectrum at 2600MHz recently launched, 1O1O and one2free are now delivering more 4G network capacity and cover more than 95% of Hong Kong population. Earlier this year in March, CSL purchased a block adjacent to the existing 3 blocks held by CSL to allow operator to deploy 2 x 20 MHz of spectrum at 2600MHz for 4G services.

In line with this commitment, Operator will continue to expand the 1800 MHz to 20 MHz to offer 2 x 20MHz on both 1800MHz and 2600MHz bands across the  entire territory by 2014.

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