ABI Research: Multimode Femtocell Shipments to Increase by 350% in 2014

ABI Research

In 2014, standalone 4G LTE femtocells will have greater presence in the market following the general development of the LTE market, but the key player is expected to be 3G/LTE multimode. According to latest report from AB Research, the number of multimode shipments is likely to increase by 350% in 2014 and a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 198% is estimated between 2013 and 2018. 

The femtocell market is currently focused on developing access points’ capabilities like Self-Organizing Networks (SON) and interference management mechanisms. Nevertheless, femtocell management systems are also an important and essential piece for a successful deployment. With the standardization of management system interfaces, vendors are looking to go beyond basic management functions and integrate advanced features in order to provide operators with higher level of control, easier management, and room to implement additional services.

While the femtocell market is still developing, operators are exploring ways to generate revenue out of their femtocell networks. Indoor location-based services are increasingly in demand and are expected to become a crucial aspect of femtocell services. 

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