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Airvana Introduces New HubBub CDMA Femtocell with Integrated Analog Telephone Adaptor and Router

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November 11, 2009 | Airvana, Inc (NASDAQ: AIRV), the company transforming the mobile experience, today introduced the HubBub Connected Home Femtocell, a new model of the HubBubâ„¢ CDMA femtocell that features an integrated analog telephone adaptor and router. This innovative new product received the 2009 3G CDMA Industry Achievement Award for Subscriber Technology Innovation.  Sponsored by the CDMA Development Group (CDG), the Industry Achievement Awards recognize individuals and companies for excellence in deploying advanced 3G CDMA networks, products and services. The Subscriber Technology Innovation category specifically recognizes innovation in services supported and terminal design, and in effectively exploiting the inherent benefits and latest technological developments of 3G CDMA.

Femtocells are poised to transform the subscriber’s mobile experience by providing consistent and reliable in-building 3G coverage. Airvana’s HubBub Connected Home Femtocell is a version of its HubBub CDMA femtocell that incorporates an Internet router and analog telephone adaptor.  This combination allows subscribers to use the femtocell as the core of a comprehensive home telephony solution that integrates the traditional home phone with their mobile phone service.

“While consumers are increasingly relying on their mobile phones for voice communications at home, many still want the option of using their existing analog telephones as shared family phones,” explained Vedat Eyuboglu, chief technology officer and co-founder, Airvana.  “By incorporating an analog telephone adaptor within our HubBub CDMA femtocell, we’ve given operators a way to combine the benefits of fixed-line and mobile services into a single comprehensive and unified service. This capability advances the femtocell consumer value proposition and our being named a CDMA Industry Achievement Award winner is strong evidence of that fact.”

By connecting to the HubBub’s analog telephone adaptor, consumers can take advantage of familiar cordless phones already in place throughout their home and keep their existing home phone number. With this product, consumers can lower their home phone expenses and enjoy the many benefits of integrated mobile and fixed-line voice services, and at the same time improve their mobile phone experience with 5-bar coverage.

For mobile operators that do not offer fixed-line voice services, the HubBub Connected Home Femtocell provides a new opportunity to enhance average revenue per user (ARPU) by delivering all of a subscriber’s mobile and fixed-line telephony services. It also allows integrated operators who offer both fixed-line and mobile services to reduce their analog voice subscriber churn by offering compelling converged services that link mobile phones with home phones.
Additionally, Airvana has integrated a router within the HubBub Connected Home Femtocell. The design of the integrated unit allows the router to prioritize voice traffic being channelled through the femtocell to ensure a quality subscriber experience for all services, even when high-bandwidth applications such as video streaming or large data downloads are being used.

 â€œAirvana’s HubBub CDMA Femtocell reflects the innovation and efforts of the CDMA community to provide subscribers with a wide range of new services,” said Perry LaForge, executive director of the CDMA Development Group.  “Femtocells and other technologies will play a key role in operators’ efforts to efficiently and cost-effectively increase ARPU while addressing the growing demand for 3G performance.”

About Airvana
Airvana helps operators transform the mobile experience for users worldwide.  The company’s high-performance technology and products, from comprehensive 3G femtocell solutions based on its HubBubâ„¢ CDMA and UMTS femtocells, to core mobile broadband network infrastructure, enable operators to deliver compelling broadband services to mobile subscribers, wherever they are.  Airvana’s products are deployed in 70 commercial networks on six continents.  The company is headquartered in Chelmsford, Mass., USA, with offices worldwide.  For more information, please visit www.airvana.com.

Safe Harbor Statement
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