Aptilo Launches WiMAX Connector for “Plug-and-Play” WiMAX with Non-WiMAX Networks

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April 17, 2010 – Aptilo Networks has introduced the Aptilo WiMAX Connector™, a plug-and-play solution that allows operators to deploy WiMAX while utilizing existing broadband OSS/BSS infrastructure – infrastructure that does not natively handle WiMAX.

Aviat Networks is the first Aptilo partner to deploy the WiMAX Connector.  Aviat is using the solution with Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL), India’s National telecom backbone and state-owned telecom operator.

“Aptilo’s focus on developing innovative products helps operators expand their market share,” said Torbjorn Ward, Chief Executive Officer, Aptilo Networks.  “Currently deployed with one of the largest operators in the world, the Aptilo WiMAX Connector opens up new potential revenue streams for customers with legacy, DSL and any WiMAX-unaware networks.  Working hand-in-hand with the Aptilo AAA+ core, the WiMAX Connector enables simplified, efficient WiMAX rollouts for fast ROI.”

Aptilo’s WiMAX Connector is a plug-and-play solution that incorporates the award-winning Aptilo WiMAX AAA+ core into existing broadband networks.  The WiMAX Connector dynamically maps the subscriber services described in the existing OSS/BSS systems into WiMAX 16e service flows required by the ASN gateway.  It keeps a “shadow copy” of the subscriber credentials and handles all WiMAX-specific aspects for the users towards the WiMAX Network including policy control information in real-time.

The WiMAX Connector allows operators to use their existing subscriber sign-up, provisioning, billing and other processes with the new WiMAX service, minimizing capital/operating expenses on new processes, training staff, and maintaining and operating new OSS/BSS equipment. The existing user database can be LDAP, Active Directory or a legacy AAA database.

Operators can tap into new markets with the Aptilo WiMAX Connector, which enables a simplified WiMAX rollout for fast time-to-market and time-to-revenue.  This is possible due to the flexibility in the Aptilo WiMAX AAA+ core and the WiMAX Connector’s less intrusive integration with 3rd party vendors.

Furthermore, a WiMAX network provider with the Aptilo WiMAX Connector installed can offer wholesale of WiMAX services to multiple broadband operators and connect them through the Aptilo WiMAX Connector as a virtual WiMAX service provider.  This enables the fixed broadband operators to offer new wireless services without having to invest in a new WiMAX network and the required knowledge and additionally gives the WiMAX network operator extra revenue.  The wholesale support in Aptilo’s WiMAX solutions offers extensive reporting capabilities to streamline billing of the virtual operators

Existing billing systems are plugged in via the Aptilo WiMAX Connector through Aptilo’s native interfaces for integration with 3rd party billing systems.  In addition other systems like prepaid systems and portals etc. can be integrated through Aptilo’s APIs if so required.

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