Aricent Introduces Broad Daylight Program for Telecom Equipment Manufacturers

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Aricent, today announced Broad Daylight, an innovative product development program created specifically for small and mid-sized telecommunications equipment manufacturers to hasten their entry into new telecom equipment markets such as Long Term Evolution (LTE), Home Networking, Data Center Ethernet and Cloud Computing. The program offers a highly customizable menu including technology consulting, product design, pre-packaged software frameworks and comprehensive product development services tailored specifically to each customer's needs and technology domains.

Aricent's Broad Daylight program was created specifically to help small to mid-size telecommunications equipment manufacturers bring new communications infrastructure solutions to market, and capitalize on additional revenue streams.  Further, the program aims to enhance clients' relevance and value to large Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who may be looking to partner in specific product and technology areas.

"As a pioneer in Optical Packet Switch and Transport technology, it was critical for us to leverage technology partners that could help us accelerate product development for low cost, ultra high-speed, green communications infrastructure, while minimizing R&D costs," said John Dunne, CMO and founder at Intune Networks. "Aricent is a trusted partner of ours, and has played an important role in our success."

Aricent's Broad Daylight program is the first of its kind, enabling telecommunications equipment manufacturers to benefit from Aricent's unparalleled experience as a research and development partner and its global pool of consulting and engineering resources.  Key components of the Broad Daylight program include business and technology consulting, product design, pre-packaged software frameworks and a comprehensive portfolio of produce lifecycle services.

Aricent has a rich history helping dozens of companies accelerate their entry into advanced communications and networking markets such as the early Femtocell deployments, new WiMAX and LTE base station installations, next generation metro network development, IP Backhaul, solutions, green networks and micro telecom.

"Thousands of companies today are pursuing the global surge in telecom equipment spending being driven by multimedia services, new classes of connected devices and mobile broadband," said Keith Higgins, senior vice president of marketing at Aricent. "Extreme cost pressures, rigid time to market objectives and significant technology complexities have created a clear need for an experienced partner who can assist these companies from product concept to commercialization success.  Aricent is the first company to address this underserved market in a fundamentally unique way."


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