AT&T Expands LTE Coverage, Adds New LTE Markets

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AT&T has launched 4G LTE service in four new markets - Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and West Palm Beach, Fla., and Worcester, Mass., and expanded LTE service in Baltimore, Boston and Washington, D.C..

Operator's LTE network is now live in 51 markets. AT&T expects its LTE deployment to be largely complete by year-end 2013.

AT&T offers several LTE-compatible devices, including new AT&T 4G LTE smartphones and tablets, such as the HTC One™ X, Samsung Focus® 2, Nokia Lumia 900, Samsung Galaxy Note™, and Pantech Element™ tablet. 

According to AT&T, 275 million people are covered by its HSPA+ & LTE network, the nation's largest. AT&T is currently providing high speed mobile broadband services using both HSPA+ and LTE technologies. Almost 90 percent of AT&T's mobile data traffic now runs over enhanced backhaul that supports both HSPA+ and 4G LTE data traffic.

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