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BICS Enables LTE Roaming in 44 Countries

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Wholesale carrier services provider BICS announced that it is offering LTE roaming services with over 70 operators, spanning 44 countries. Company expects another year of strong growth, following the year it established the live LTE roaming relations between operators in Asia, North America, Europe and Africa.  

Using BICS’s IPX platform, including LTE signalling, service providers can exchange any IP traffic (voice, video, messaging and data) bilaterally with any IPX destination, through one single interconnection with an end-to-end management of quality. Last year BICS enabled LTE roaming internationally over IPX between Europe and Asia through Swiss provider Swisscom and SK Telecom of South Korea in June. During September, BICS’s IPX platform started offering lte roaming on the networks of Canadian operator Rogers, Swisscom and SK Telecom. In October, IPX enabled the LTE roaming call from Africa to Europe between Angolan operator Unitel and Belgian MNO Proximus.

In November 2013 BICS was awarded the ‘Best LTE Roaming Product’ award at the LTE North America Awards in Dallas for its IPX platform.

Demand for LTE roaming is rapidly increasing as operators continue to launch next generation data networks. Almost 250 operators have already launched 4G, covering 92 countries, and subscribers now expect to be able to access high speed data wherever they are in the world.

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