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Certification Process for CDMA2000 and LTE Multi-Mode Device Interoperability to be Ready by the End of 2010

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April 1, 2010 - The CDMA Certification Forum® (CCF), a global non-profit organization that certifies single-mode and multi-mode CDMA2000® devices, today announced that it will be ready to certify the interworking of multi-mode CDMA2000/LTE devices by the end of 2010.  Test platforms are currently being developed to support the 3rd Generation Partnership Project 2 (3GPP2) test specification, C.S0095-0, which was published in December 2009. Accordingly, the CCF Test Plan will be updated to support evolved high-rate packet data (eHRPD) networks and the CDMA2000 1X, EV-DO and LTE multi-mode device interworking test cases included in the 3GPP2 specification.  The CCF will begin platform validation in mid-2010, enabling it to provide a complete testing and certification process for the CDMA2000 portion of CDMA2000/LTE multi-mode devices by the end of the year.
"With LTE deployments augmenting CDMA2000 networks this year it's important that multi-mode devices be tested and certified to perform optimally across both technologies," said Thomas Erickson, President and CEO of the CCF.  "Critical to seamless 3G and 4G interoperability is the interworking between multi-mode devices and their radio access networks.  The completion and validation of our test platform will allow the CCF to provide the only comprehensive testing and certification process for CDMA2000 1X and EV-DO devices incorporating LTE by the end of 2010."

The CCF is currently developing its test plan, test cases and scripts to certify CDMA2000/LTE devices, enabling CDMA2000 operators to be among the first to deploy LTE on a commercial basis with WorldModeTM devices.  Using its authorized test facilities and the same streamlined processes used in certifying other CDMA2000 devices, the CCF will ensure CDMA2000 operators receive certified devices employing LTE in an expedient manner.
The CCF is also working closely with the Global Certification Forum (GCF) to align the proposed LTE certification requirements and priorities and implement a common certification solution, enabling manufacturers to test once for multiple certifications and minimize development time- and cost-to-market.  The testing and certification process for CDMA2000/LTE multimode devices enjoys the active support of CCF members from around the world.  Several operators, device manufacturers and test companies are working together on completing the entire process by year-end.

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