Claro Launches LTE Service in Peru

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Claro 4G

Claro Peru has launched commercial LTE network in the country. Operator is using its existing 1,900 MHz band spectrum for the 4G service. Claro  did not acquire spectrum in the earlier 4G auction.

The LTE service is initially available in the selected areas including San Isidro, Miraflores, Surquillo, Groove, San Borja, La Molina, Cercado de Lima, Callao, Bellavista, The Victoria, San Miguel, Ate and Santa Anita. Claro 4G LTE will be gradually expanded.

According to operator, technologies are not regulated in Peru, so telecom operators are free to choose the technology they deem appropriate for the provision of their services. So, CLARO is technical and legally empowered to implement 4G LTE in 1900 MHz band already assigned under the concession was granted by the Peruvian state. 

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