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Clearwire Expands WiMAX in Central Pennsylvania

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Clearwire Communications announced today the expansion of its sales operations for CLEAR's super fast mobile Internet service throughout Central Pennsylvania including Harrisburg, Reading, Lancaster and York. The company also named Curtis Heffelfinger as general manager for this area.

With CLEAR(R), consumers and businesses can access the Internet wirelessly at true broadband speeds - at home, in the office, and on the go - anywhere in the CLEAR coverage area. CLEAR covers 271 square miles and more than 739,000 people in areas such as Greater Harrisburg from Mechanicsburg to Hershey, Greater York from West York to Hallam, Greater Lancaster from Millersville to East Petersburg, and Greater Reading from Sinking Spring to Mount Penn. CLEAR's network already blankets 1,000 square miles and offers service to 3.6 million people in Philadelphia.

"We are excited about this day for two reasons: we believe that CLEAR is truly going to revolutionize the way folks in Central Pennsylvania access the Internet, and it's personally gratifying to me given that Harrisburg is my hometown," said Curtis Heffelfinger, general manager for CLEAR. "Customers can eat lunch on City Island while conducting a WebEx meeting and baseball fans can stream radio while tailgating in the parking lot before a Revolution game in York. We're providing an Internet experience that is unmatched and we can't wait for people in Central Pennsylvania to enjoy it."


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