Clearwire TDD-LTE Initial Market Launches Scheduled for Early 2013

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US carrier Clearwire has planned TDD-LTE Network for high demand "Hot Zones" in 31 Markets. New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and Seattle will be among the 31 cities where the company will launch its LTE network during the first half of 2013. The company will announce the additional cities where it will launch TDD-LTE service at a later date. 

Deployment of Clearwire's TDD-LTE network will target high demand "hot zones" in major urban centers where demand for 4G mobile broadband access is high and the need for deep 4G capacity resources is most acute.

Clearwire plans to deploy LTE Advanced-ready by leveraging its deep spectrum holdings to commercialize large contiguous swaths of spectrum in a given market and believes that its LTE Advanced-ready network will further differentiate it as a leader in next-generation 4G mobile broadband technology, capable of serving the current and anticipated future demands of wholesale and retail customers.

"Clearwire's LTE Advanced-ready network will deploy our deep spectrum resources for the next great era in mobile broadband in which capacity is king. We're positioned to bring much needed capacity on a wholesale basis to address the unbridled demand for mobile data and the scarcity of spectrum in major urban and suburban markets," said Erik Prusch, President and CEO of Clearwire.

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