CSL launches LTE network in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong’s mobile service provider CSL has launched LTE services for its premium brand 1O1O. Operator is offering 4G mobile broadband  services via  its LTE/ DC-HSPA+ network and has introduced LTE mobile broadband modem for its customers. 

Operator is offering data plans of $249 &  $349 with 1GB & 5GB data cap respectively. Its unlimited data plan is priced at $459. 

CSL’s another brand one2free has also launched LTE services. one2free is offering two-year Xtreme 1GB ($187 per month) or 5GB ($287 per month) Mobile Broadband Service Plan. While unlimited option costs $387.

“With the increasing demand for a seamless mobile broadband experience, innovation is vital to satisfy the huge demand in the market. Users of our new 4G  LTE modem can now enjoy ultra-fast and reliable mobile broadband services, across  Hong Kong.  The launch of  4G LTE  showcases  our commitment to provide  communications for everyone, connect everything and unleash the potential of human networks,” said Mr Joseph O’Konek, Chief Executive Officer of CSL Limited.

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