Deutsche Telekom to Trial LTE in 800MHz Spectrum

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Deutsche Telekom plans to launch a friendly user trial of LTE in 800MHz spectrum in Germany by the end of this year, reports Light Reading

"first coverage, first terminals, and friendly users by the end of this year,"  said Olivier Baujard, CTO, Deutsche Telekom according to Light Reading article

Deutsche Telekom has planned to use its 800 MHz spectrum to roll out mobile broadband services based on LTE to rural areas. The 800MHz band's signal propagation requires less infrastructure to provide wide mobile coverage than high-frequency bands meaning base stations.

The German telecom regulator Bundesnetzagentur has auctioned the 4G radio spectrum in 41 frequency blocks across the 800 MHz, 1.8 gigahertz (GHz), 2.0 GHz and 2.6 GHz frequency bands. Three European telecom behemoths Telefonica, Deutsche Telekom  and Vodafone bagged two 10MHz blocks of spectrum in the most expensive and valuable 800 MHz frequency band. Deutsche Telekom acquired 10 blocks of spectrum for €1.3 billion.

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