Ericsson Providing LTE Networks to Eight Regional Operators in Rural America

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Ericsson is working with regional wireless operators to provide LTE services in rural America. Company is providing LTE mobile broadband networks to eight regional wireless operators in the United States and Guam.

Operators who have recently selected Ericsson to build their LTE networks include Appalachian Wireless, Agri-Valley Communications, Bluegrass Cellular, Enhanced Telecommunications, Globecomm, IT&E, South Georgia Regional Information Technology Authority and VTel Wireless.

Appalachian Wireless LTE network will cover the Appalachian Mountains in eastern Kentucky while Bluegrass Cellular Will deploy Ericsson’s LTE network to provide access to 4G data services to customers throughout the central portion of the Kentucky.

Agri-Valley Communications LTE network will cover more than 70 percent of Michigan across the Lower and Upper Peninsula of the state. Indiana operator Enhanced Telecommunications Will offer LTE to customers for fixed broadband access, and deploy the Ericsson Mobile Broadband Router as a home gateway.

Globecomm Will provide Ericsson LTE Core hosting services in addition to the Ericsson 2G and 3G hosted services already connecting a number of rural and regional operators. South Georgia Regional Information Technology Authority, a regional IT company in southeast Georgia building LTE to reach consumers and businesses with wireless broadband. VTel Wireless Will connect rural communities across the Vermont, as well as nearly 1,000 smart meter collection points.

IT&E LTE network will offer both fixed and mobile services will cover the island of Guam, a territory of the United States, located in the western Pacific Ocean.

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