Ericsson: We Have Nothing Against Femtos

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February, 10, 2010 | Unstrung News Analysis - Don’t mention the "F" word to Ulf Ewaldsson, Ericsson AB (Nasdaq: ERIC)'s VP and head of radio products.

Or, if you do, brace yourself, because he has a lot to say about Femtocells, the upstart little home base stations.

First, Ewaldsson is sticking to Ericsson's long-held company line that the market for 3G femtocells is too limited and that the cost of the access points is still too high to make a business case. Also, Ericsson maintains that the case for femtocells is only for voice coverage, because WiFi in homes already provides data coverage. (See Ericsson's 3G Femto Issue, Managing 3G Femtos, Femto Chips Too Costly, and Ericsson Stalls on 3G Femtos .)

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