Huawei and China Mobile Complete CSFB to GSM Field Test on a Live LTE TDD Network

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Huawei and China Mobile (CMCC) recently successfully completed Flash CSFB to GSM field test on a live LTE TDD network. According to Huawei, its Flash CSFB solution requires less time to complete end-to-end call setups compared with traditional CSFB and is capable of handovers to GSM and UMTS. 

Huawei's Flash CSFB solution can also be deployed for both LTE FDD and LTE TDD networks. Huawei further added that with its Flash CSFB to GSM solution, subscribers are able to switch to GSM for voice services while accessing web services much faster using LTE. 

Huawei provided all GSM, LTE, CS, and EPC equipment used in the successful field test. According to company, as of 2013 Q1, its CSFB solutions (including Flash CSFB and other 3GPP Release 8-related CSFB solutions) have been deployed in more than 40 commercial and trial sites worldwide.

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