Huawei Announces 3.5GHz TDD LTE-Advanced Device

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Huawei's 3.5GHz TDD LTE-A Device

Huawei released a 3.5GHz CAT6 LTE-A device at the 3.5GHz LTE TDD Roundtable at MWC 2015. The device, supporting 2 carrier aggregation with total downlink speed of over 220Mbps, represents the end-to-end commercialization of LTE-A at the 3.5GHz band, according to Huawei.

3.5GHz spectrum is defined by 3GPP as TDD band 42 and band 43 with 400MHz of bandwidth from 3400~3800MHz. With abundant spectrum, 3.5GHz is the ideal band for LTE-A deployment.

In Japan, the top 3 operators were each recently awarded 40MHz of spectrum towards their respective TDD LTE-A deployments last December. In the Americas, operators in Canada, Argentina and Peru are currently rolling out networks in their areas. While operators in Italy, Spain and Norway have all expressed interest in using TDD LTE-A to provide fiber-like wireless broadband access in suburban and rural areas. In Asia pacific, 3.5GHz LTE network is being deployed in the Philippines. And in Bahrain, a nationwide 3.5GHz commercial network is being built.

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