Huawei Completes LTE to GSM ANR Interoperability Test

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Huawei has announced the completion of a multi-mode, LTE to GSM ANR (Automatic Neighbor Relations) IOT (Interoperability Test). Based on 3GPP R9 standards, Huawei’s completed LTE-to-GSM ANR IOT: reduces manual configuration for neighbor relations by 90%, improve handover success rate, and reduces network management and optimization costs for operators.

Multi-mode ANR, which supports the automatic management and optimization of neighbor relations for networks featuring multiple modes and layers, is a key feature of Huawei’s SingleSON solution, says the company. In 2011, Huawei completed an earlier version of the LTE-to-UMTS multi-mode ANR IOT with Qualcomm. This more recent iteration enables LTE systems to automatically manage neighbor relations for GSM NCLs (Neighbor Cell List) and NRTs (Neighbor Relation Table), enhancing user mobility experience when moving from an LTE network to a GSM network.

In 2011, Huawei successfully launched the SingleSON ANR feature for commercial use on an LTE network in Cologne, Germany.

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