Huawei Completes LTE to GSM CSFB Test

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Huawei has announced that it had completed a LTE to GSM CSFB (Circuit Switched Fallback) test to reduce voice setup delays from LTE to GSM network by two seconds, improve handover success rates and provide end users with better voice experience on GSM/LTE networks.

According to company, different than the redirecting accessing process found in the 3GPP Release 8 and Release 9 standards, Huawei adopted CCO (Cell Change Order) with NACC (Network Assisted Cell Change) technology for its CSFB voice optimization test to enables devices to skip cell searches when switching from LTE to GSM networks. In case of failure, the devices directly search for signals in LTE idling process without accessing the cell again, cutting down user waiting time and improving user experience.

Voice services on LTE networks are not mature. This means that a CSFB voice solution, which enables call service fallback from LTE to GSM, is key to improve voice experience for end users on LTE networks. 

Huawei’s CSFB voice optimization test not only speeds up a seamless GSM/LTE interoperable mobility progress but also helps operators to accelerate the evolution of existing GSM to LTE networks.

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