Huawei Deploys Commercial LTE TDD Easy Macro in Beijing with China Mobile

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LTE TDD Easy Macro

Huawei has completed its first LTE TDD Easy Macro commercial deployment in Beijing with China Mobile. According to Huawei , this newly improved LTE TDD Easy Macro improves the download rate by 40% for outdoor users and 180% for indoor users.

Huawei’s Easy Macro is a small and light weight macro base station which resembles the size of a traditional macro base station and can be easily installed, mountable on walls, lamppost, poles, and roof top and other “zero site space” locations. It also has a high power output and large capacity for enhanced network coverage and capacity.

As of July 2014, the number of LTE TDD subscribers on China Mobile has exceeded 20 million and is estimated to reach 50 million by the end of this year. In order to meet the increasing demand for superior mobile broadband experiences, China Mobile deployed LTE TDD Easy Macro in a Beijing Hutong in a compact area with dense population, to demonstrate its strengths.

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