Kineto and Bravo Tech Demo TD-SCDMA Femtocell Solution in Shanghai

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Kineto Wireless and Bravo Tech Inc today announced that the companies are demonstrating an end-to-end TD-SCDMA-based femtocell solution at a facility in Shanghai.

Kineto Wireless and Bravo Tech recently conducted interoperability testing between the Kineto Multi-Service Access Gateway (MSA-GW) configured as a Femtocell Gateway and Bravo Tech’s TD-SCDMA femtocell based on the Iuh interface defined in the 3GPP Home NodeB (HNB) specification.

“Interoperability testing has progressed very smoothly,” said Dong Wu, CTO with Bravo Tech. “The maturity of Kineto’s Iuh implementation in its Multi-Service Access Gateway, along with our full-featured Iuh compliant femtocell, has enabled the companies to quickly demonstrate a deployment-ready solution.”

TD-SCDMA is a 3GPP-standard, 3G radio link technology adopted primarily in China. In January 2009, China Mobile was awarded a 3G/TD-SCDMA license by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Kineto’s MSA-GW provides mobile service providers a range of options for improving coverage and offloading the macro network. It is uniquely designed to provide maximum flexibility and investment protection by supporting femtocells and Wi-Fi, the two key coverage and offload technologies utilized today. Kineto’s MSA-GW is deployed worldwide in commercial Wi-Fi and femtocell service offers.

Kineto’s Access Gateway enables deployment of Wi-Fi and femtocell-based Smart Offload services, as well as Voice over LTE.  In addition Access Gateway supports UMA/GAN Network Controller (GAN-C) functions (3GPP compliant) as well as VoLGA Controller (VANC) functions in compliance with the VoLGA Forum specifications.


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