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Magyar Telekom to launch LTE in January 2012

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Hungarian carrier Magyar Telekom has started an extended network test of the LTE technology in the areas of Budapest. Operator plans to launch the 4G LTE based mobile internet service on 1st January, 2012, which will be available to users through the tariff package called Net&Roll 4G. 

The carrier's LTE test network consists of 80 LTE stations. It is expected to triple the number of LTE stations by the end of the year and, in 2012 all Budapest areas will be covered. 

"After our LTE test implemented in real conditions in April last year T-Mobile is the first to render access for its customers to a live 4G/LTE network. Uniquely in Hungary our several hundreds of customers will be able to test this technology together and simultaneously with the carrier," said Christopher Mattheisen, Magyar Telekom's chairman-CEO .

In 2010 T-Mobile introduced jointly with Ericsson the operation of the LTE technology on a test network, following which Telekom also selected Ericsson to be its partner in the large scale modernization of its mobile cellular network announced in May this year. As a part of network modernization Telekom is replacing its 2G and 3G radio base stations with Ericsson RBS 6000 equipment specifically developed for the multi-standard GSM/EDGE, WCDMA/HSPA Evolution and LTE technologies. 

The core network enabling the operation of LTE is built on the Cisco EPC (Evolved Packet Core) solution, in addition to which the company enhances its nationwide IPNGN (IP Next Generation Network) network using Cisco manufactured aggregation and service routers so as to prepare it for the increase in data usage to accompany the dynamic expansion of the broad band mobile internet.

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