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Magyar Telekom offers HSPA+, planning LTE

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Hungarian telecommunications service provider Magyar Telekom is in process of a large scale modernisation of its mobile network with Ericsson. Initially operator plans to offer fast broadband services in this summer using HSPA+, offering 21 Mbps speed. This service will be available in many parts of Budapest as well as in several locations in the countryside, via 200 new HSPA+ stations. HSPA+ will be available to close to 100% of Hungary by 2013.

Magyar Telekom will also be ready even in 2011 to start to offer LTE services to its customers through the new LTE (4G)-capable technology provided by Ericsson - once the necessary frequencies are available.

"It was important for us to make sure that the selected supplier is capable of building a network that can serve the capacity of the current network many times over and also that we can be ready for the new generation LTE (4G) technology. We are practically ready to introduce LTE (4G) in 2011 once the necessary frequencies become available. By selecting Ericsson as our partner, this will enable us to deliver excellent technology, ensuring reliable and safe operations, whilst also allowing us to meet our cost efficiency and 50% energy saving goals," said István Maradi, Chief IT and Technology Officer of Magyar Telekom.

As part of the network modernisation, Ericsson will replace the current 2G and 3G wireless base stations to multi-standard RBS 6000 equipments developed for GSM/EDGE, WCDMA/HSPA Evolution and LTE technologies. This new step of network development will mean that Magyar Telekom's investments in Hungary since 2005 will have surpassed the HUF 500bn mark.

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