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Movicel to Deploy Commercial LTE in Angola

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African operator Movicel has signed a commercial contract for LTE FDD 1.8 GHz  network with Huawei. Movicel will deploy LTE FDD network in province Cabinda, Angola and will commercialize it by the end of May this year.

Operator plans to provide LTE based mobile broadband services across the entire country, starting from the high-value and dense urban areas, such as the capital Luanda. According to Huawei, Movicel is using its end-to-end SingleRAN convergent solution, including RAN, Core Network, DBS (Distributed Base Station) and terminal devices. 

“Movicel is doing its share to pave the future of Angola and Africa with this state-of-the-art communication infrastructure. It will remove the gap between Northern and Southern hemispheres networks,” said Yon Moreira da Silva Junior, CEO of Movicel.

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