Nokia Networks Boosts Quality TD-LTE Rollout for China Mobile

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Nokia Networks has recently been ranked a leader in China Mobile’s quality assessment of its commercial TD-LTE network, company announced today. The operator has developed a rigorous evaluation program of its vendor deployments in all the major cities and provinces across China. The results showed a clear advantage for Nokia Networks measured across the top 10 provincial capitals. 

The city of Fuzhou, with a TD-LTE network supplied by Nokia Networks, achieved excellent network quality in the China Mobile TD-LTE quality evaluation program for two consecutive months. Currently, Nokia Networks supplies TD-LTE technology to 18 out of the 31 provinces of China Mobile.

To get an overall understanding of its TD-LTE commercial network deployment and quality status across China, China Mobile conducted a quality evaluation program in the capital cities of 29 provinces from May to June 2014. The quality evaluation program is based on performance metrics of network coverage, interference level, voice and data service quality.

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