Nokia Networks Demonstrates 5G Speed of 10Gbps with NI at 5G Summit

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Nokia Networks has announced demonstration of a 10Gbps peak rate system over the air at 73GHz (mmWave)  with NI at the Brooklyn 5G Summit, jointly organized by Nokia Networks and NYU WIRELESS Research Center at the New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering. 

The second annual summit is being held on April 8-10 in Brooklyn, New York. Special focus this year is on spectrum assets above 6GHz, progress in channel modeling at these higher frequencies, and massive MIMO systems for 5G. The use of new spectrum bands is one of the key ingredients in future 5G networks, enabling the delivery of ‘virtually zero’ latency to support such applications as tactile Internet, connected cars and augmented reality. The 10Gbps peak rate is one of several highlighted demonstrations to show progress on these topics.

The 10Gbps system being demonstrated uses 2x2 MIMO using single carrier Null Cyclic Prefix modulation and frame size of 100 micro seconds to achieve low latency and impressive peak rates. The 10Gbps peak rate is one of the ways to meet 5G requirements. 

Nokia Networks also features two additional demonstrations of critical components. These include: a high bandwidth system at new spectrum bands and a demonstration of how massive MIMO and beamsteering can be achieved with phased array technology, using a large number of antenna elements.

Nokia Networks’ use of the 3.5GHz frequency band will demonstrate beamforming with the Mitsubishi Electric 3.5GHz Active Antenna connected to the Nokia Flexi Base station as a transmitter.

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