Nokia Networks Implements VoLTE Solution in du's Commercial Network


Nokia Networks has announced that company designed, tested and integrated VoLTE call in to du’s multi-vendor LTE network in 80 days.  The telecommunications service provider du successfully achieved Voice over LTE (VoLTE) functionality in its live network recently using Nokia’s VoLTE solution and Professional Services.

Nokia’s VoLTE solution is based on its IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem).With this implementation, VoLTE compatible handsets can make high-definition (HD) voice calls with faster call setup time, while simultaneously accessing 4G data services over the LTE network. According to Nokia Networks, over a period of time, VoLTE clients consume low overall data and put less signaling load on networks and also consume less smartphone battery. 

For this project, Nokia’s VoLTE solution, consisting of its Liquid Core based IMS, was supplied while its Professional Services carried out the network planning and optimization, system integration, and network implementation in the multi-vendor environment. In addition, Nokia Networks provided LTE radio access to du’s commercial network.

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