Nokia Networks makes its LTE networks IoT ready

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Nokia Networks launches its IoT connectivity solution for LTE core and radio networks which makes existing LTE networks IoT ready. Operators can now prepare their current networks for the business opportunities of the IoT era and related machine-to-machine (M2M) traffic. Following an easy 3-step approach, operators can smoothly migrate their LTE core network to IoT overlay. Starting with subscriber data management they can move on to gateways and mobility management. This stepwise approach allows them to flexibly migrate their core domains so they can tackle the mix of mobile broadband and M2M traffic in a cost efficient way while keeping operational impact at minimal level.

Today’s mobile networks are primarily optimized for smartphone traffic. As IoT applications will bring new requirements for the network infrastructure such as the number and type of connected devices and traffic patterns, operators can already today prepare their networks for the corresponding shift in services and traffic. The new IoT connectivity solution consists of two elements: Nokia’s Core for IoT and its enhanced Smart Scheduler for LTE radio.

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