NSN Announces Enhanced Flexi Zone Controller, Flexi Zone Small Cells

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Nokia Solutions and Networks is extending its Flexi Zone architecture to cover all deployment scenarios. Software-based hot zone controller runs on macro sites to support nearby small cells. Company has also announced expansion of the Flexi Zone small cells range by adding TD-LTE and extra frequency bands, as well as incorporating Wi-Fi.

According to NSN, Flexi Zone controller application can be added to existing macro-cellular base stations to run a large number of nearby small cells. Flexi Zone’s cluster approach can now be used for indoor deployments. With it, NSN hopes to provide operators with a cost-effective way to implement clusters of outdoor and indoor small cells for fill-in coverage near existing macro sites, for example in streets flanked by high-rise buildings. 

The new indoor Flexi Zone pico base station is a indoor small cell with the same capacity and running the same software as a macro base station. It also integrates LTE and Wi-Fi in one unit. Company further adds that it also benefits from recently announced dynamic, load-balancing eICIC that provides 30% capacity improvement. Flexi Zone LTE micro/pico base stations now support all the most commonly used frequency bands for FDD LTE and TD-LTE and can be deployed in outdoor and harsh indoor environments.

Flexi Zone controller can run a mix of indoor and outdoor cells within one cluster and can also be used to increase the capacity of legacy macro-cellular Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) in large buildings by supporting the deployment of complementary LTE and Wi-Fi small cells. Flexi Zone controller also supports the integration of NSN Radio Application Cloud Server functionality to enable Liquid Applications on a cluster of small cells. 

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