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Omantel demonstrates 4G LTE network

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Oman's leading telecom operator Omantel has commissioned a 4G LTE network & claims to achive very high speed data transfer.

Omantel's first demonstration of the new LTE network capability coincids with the launch of Salalah Tourism Festival at the Company’s pavilion at the Municipality Recreation Center.

The company  has selected TD-LTE version, supplier & frequency range details are not disclosed.

Samy bin Ahmed al Ghassany, Vice-President for Networks and Integrated Technology at Omantel, said the company is proud to demonstrate this new network, which would provide new opportunities in the telecom sector in the Sultanate thanks to its great capacity, omanobserver reports.

Based on a recent data published by Omantel and Qatar Telecom (owner of Nawras), the Omani mobile market supported 4.2 million mobile subscribers at the end of March 2010.


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