OneAccess Introduces LTE Enabled Multi-Service Access Router Platform

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OneAccess has announced an integrated LTE/4G router platform to enable telecom operators, Cloud and managed communication service providers to add LTE connectivity to the growing list of access technologies they can integrate on the multi-path WANs of SMB and enterprise customers.

Once installed on the customer premises, the One1540-4G router also provides a single, centrally managed application delivery platform over which service providers and operators can deliver bundles of managed network services. It enables operators to deliver a bonded LTE link on the WAN to maintain continuous availability of business-critical applications. 

According to OneAccess , the One1540-4G is particularly well-suited to healthcare, hospitality and retail environments where a consistently high-performing network is a pre-requisite for optimal daily operations.

One1540-4G supports seamless and automatic failover to LTE and enables service providers to extend their business continuity commitments to cover peak traffic period. Operators can, for example, use this solution with customers that require a superfast connection but have yet to install a fiber link. By deploying a One1540-4G they can immediately deliver a high-bandwidth LTE link of up to 150Mbp/s which will automatically switch over to a fiber link when cabling is completed, retaining the LTE link as a best-of-breed business continuity failover.

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