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PCTEST Lab Selects Rohde & Schwarz for LTE Conformance Testing

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PCTEST Engineering Laboratory, Inc (PCTEST Lab) has expanded its services to include Long Term Evolution (LTE) Carrier Conformance testing for device manufacturers and operators.  PCTEST Lab has announced the selection of Rohde & Schwarz (R&S) LTE Test Platform as the 4G test solution for Carrier Conformance testing requirements.  

"The addition of the R&S test platform demonstrates our engineering commitment to leadership in wireless testing and certification of mobile devices, including LTE," said PCTEST Lab President Randy Ortanez.  "We believe our timely investment in the 4G conformance testing solutions will help accelerate the LTE deployment schedules of our customers and operators worldwide."

"The R&S LTE test platform is the most comprehensive turnkey solution available," explained Steve Coston, PCTEST Lab Technical Manager.  "I'm thrilled with this new venture and in our choice to strategically partner with R&S for LTE conformance testing."


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