Poland’s P4 to Offer LTE Roaming Using BICS’ IPX Platform

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Poland’s mobile carrier P4 and BICS, a global wholesale carrier for voice, mobile data and capacity services. have announced the extension of their long-term partnership with the launch of LTE roaming on P4’s network through BICS’ IPX platform. This partnership includes connectivity, messaging and roaming services.

The agreement will allow P4’s customers to access 4G/LTE roaming services while travelling, and incoming roamers to access voice and high-speed data services on P4’s network in Poland.

Last year, the BICS IPX platform started LTE roaming sessions between European countries, and enabled the LTE roaming sessions between Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific, as well as between America and Asia Pacific. According to BICS, its LTE Roaming services reach across 57 networks in the Europe and CIS region.

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