SIMalliance Publishes New LTE UICC Profile for Mobile Operators

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SIMalliance has published an updated technical document for mobile network operators (MNOs) that specifies the integrated features required to provide optimal UICC support for LTE network and IMS services deployment. 

The LTE UICC Profile complements existing UICC standards from ETSI SCP, 3GPP and GlobalPlatform, and aims to bring clarity to the parts of these specifications that should be considered by MNOs to be ‘mandatory’, together with those that can be regarded as ‘optional’. The document also addresses some of the key UICC implementation issues relative to LTE that have been identified by SIMalliance members. 

The use cases in the LTE UICC Profile document will be of particular benefit to the marketing teams within MNOs. Technical teams that are responsible for defining the parameters for LTE network utilisation will find a broad variety of critical issues for MNOs, including the seamless integration of LTE with WiFi networks and femtocell zones; remote Over The Air UICC administration using HTTP; and managing user authentication across multiple mobile services using the Generic Bootstrapping Architecture.

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