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SK Telecom to Showcase 5G Hologram AI, Self-driving car, 3D HD Map at MWC

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SK Telecom at MWC

Under the theme of “Perfect 5G,” SK Telecom plans to lay out the company’s 5G technologies and announce the soon-to-be arriving 5G era. The company will display various 5G-related technologies such as a real-time streaming technology of 5G NSA (Non-Standalone) standard defined by 3GPP, and a 5G-LTE interworking technology that transmits data ceaselessly by crossing between two frequency bands -- LTE frequency band of 2.6GHz and 5G frequency band of 3.5GHz·28GHz.

Visitors will get a glimpse of the future of AI through the company’s “hologram AI.” This AI technology will allow the mankind to have a completely new mobile communications experience.

The company’s 5G self-driving car, which successfully completed its trial driving early this February will also be presented. Through a separately installed screen, an image of its autonomous vehicle, V2X (Vehicle to every-thing) technology that spots passengers and accidents on the road, and its self-driving technologies such as 3D HD map will go on display. 

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