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South Asian Mobile Carrier Selects Teclo Networks for Super-Fast Mobile Internet

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Zurich, Switzerland – 4 September 2014 - Teclo Networks, the leader in TCP data optimization, today announced that its TCP optimization solution, the S-Series, has been chosen by a leading mobile operator in South Asia. Teclo Networks accelerates data networks by up to 60 percent and millions of subscribers across the country will now benefit from lightning-fast mobile Internet.

Taking up just a single industry-standard rack server, the S-Series delivers unrivalled mobile Internet speeds through TCP/IP acceleration. TCP/IP, the basic communications protocol of the Internet, can slow down data speeds through packet loss and latency. To combat this, the S-Series uses TCP/IP acceleration to reduce the negative effects of packet loss and latency on mobile networks.

The S-Series will be deployed across the Asian operator’s national network to increase download and upload speeds, as well as ease network congestion. The mobile operator selected Teclo’s solution to help address the recent surge in network data traffic.

Jane Walerud, CEO of Teclo Networks, said: “To stay one step ahead of the competition, mobile operators must provide the fastest mobile data speeds possible. As mobile data traffic rises - the impact of packet loss and latency increases. We can bring the consistency of fixed line internet to mobile – which ultimately leads to a fantastic user experience.” 

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