Sprint offering 3G femtocells

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To resolve the indoor coverage related problems, Sprint is apparently  offering an EV-DO femtocell to selected customers about two weeks ago after a case by case evaluation of each situation, according to Reuters.

Sprint is now offering a new version of its femtocell, the Airave Access Point, that includes EV-DO Revision A. Sprint says that network runs as fast as 1.4M bps downstream and 500K bps upstream.

It covers up to 5,000 square feet and supports up to six calls simultaneously, according to company.

Last year Airvana won a contract with Sprint Nextel to supply the operator with 3G femtocells.

Sprint AIRAVE Base Station is available at $99.99 (requires activation at time of purchase and subscription to an AIRAVE plan. Excludes taxes.) with AIRAVE Enhanced Coverage Charge - $4.99/mo.

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